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FAQ, frequently asked questions.

For what site have you need for help ?
EnelyeGeneworld.netFighting Cards

Why to create an account on Enelye while I wish to reach only Geneworld (or other sites of the network) ?
Only Enelye allows the creation of account. By opening an account, in a totally free way, on Enelye, you have access as member in all our other sites immediately. More need to create an account for every site !

Why to connect me with Facebook ?
By connecting with Facebook, you will have directly your Facebook friends member of Enelye added to your friends Enelye, you will have access to your messages Enelye directly with alerts on Dashboard of your applications Facebook, you can follow the evolution of our sites on your wall, etc …

I already have an account Enelye, how may I associate my account Facebook to this one ?
It is very simple ! Disconnect you of Enelye, then click « connect » in the Enelye toolbar. When you will have accept the application, you will just have to enter your identifiers Enelye (login and password) and your account Enelye will be associated with your account Facebook.

Do you get back my password Facebook ?
It's impossible for an application to get back your password Facebook, are not thus afraid, we shall never have your and shall never need it anyway.

I bought a code Allopass but that this do not work, that to make ?
Contact Nono66 via the messaging of the site or the form of contact by supplying the code with question as well as the date and the rough hour of use.

I bought a code Allopass I did not receive it / I erased it by mistake, that to make ?
Unfortunately for you we can make nothing in this case. The codes being supplied by Allopass you can contact them directly via the web site so that they supply you a valid code.

I have just joined, I am connected as member but I do not manage to download, why ?
To download, you have to have at least 1 credit. All which concerned the credits is in the section « My credits ».

I have credits which are not on Geneworld, how may I add them on the site ?
You cannot, only some old members returned into the staff of the site and can make it. If your credits are good qualities you can contact them to transmit them to them.

I detected an error on the site, to whom do I have to refer there ?
You can contact the members of the staff in charge of the part of the concerned site so that they correct as quickly as possible this error.
Fighting Cards

I soon go on holiday, I am thus going to find myself failed ?
Yes, you don't have possibility of putting your parts in stand bye. Try to end your challenges before going on holiday, and launch it again by returning.

I have a bug in a challenge, which do I have to make ?
First of all I invite you to ask for help on the forum, there are experienced players who will be able to confirm your bug or to explain to you why that is not one. If your bug is confirmed, you can contact Nono66 by supplying the link of your challenge. Understood not played not other round to simplify the resolution of your problem.
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