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Fight against AIDS and the CANCER

AIDS is the biggest plague nowadays, everybody is concerned and it closely or remotely. Indeed even if you are not affected yourself, a friend, a close relation, a knowledge and even your future children can be concerned by this virus.
Leaving of this report, Enelye mobilizes to bring its help in the research on this virus.
For that, World Community Grid suggests you using the unused power of your personal or professional computer to proceed to scientific calculations and so accelerate the researches.

The principle is simple. The software, during the opening of your session, calculates from his part, without bothering you. Taking advantage cycles idle, where your computer turns without you worked above, the software thus uses the power free of the processor. These cycles can be then considered as "wasted", because unused. Moreover, no need to be connected so permanently ; results of the calculations can be sent by package once the connection to internet established.

Enelye created a team of research, I thus invite you to join us and so to make your contribution to the science.

For that :

- Go on World Community Grid and download the software.
- Install the software (ask in case to your parents, it is for the good cause).
- Choose an identifier (the same that on Enelye for example) and a password.

Then to join the team :

- Connect you as member (with the previous identifiers) on World Community Grid
- Look for the team Enelye and join us !!

Thank you in advance in all those who will join.

PS: For those who join, send I a message by the internal messaging (nono66) with your nickname of inscription, and so when you will have returned the results I shall reward you.

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