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General terms of use


The present general terms of use apply to web sites published by the company Anoukis Multimedia, whose head office is situated in 1 impasse Emile Planchon 66700 Argeles sur mer, registered in the register of companies of Nanterre under the number 490 471 950.

Article 1 - Registration and account management

Every person joining the site has to accept the present general terms of use. During his registration, every user sees confiding an account, defining by a login and a password, which will be of use to him to reach his account later.
The user makes a commitment to choose and to keep his password confidential.
A user cannot have more than one account.
Ready-made, donation or sale of account is strictly forbidden. Anoukis Multimedia relieves of any responsibility in case of access to the account by a third.
The minors can join only having obtained an authorization of their legal person in charge (parent, etc.). The use of the site by a minor stays under the full responsibility of his legal person in charge.

Article 2 - Spaces of exchanges between users

This article applies to all the spaces of exchanges between users possibly present on the site. The held words or other data (images, etc.) sent by the user are it under his full responsibility. Anoukis Multimedia reserves the right to delete an element sent by a user, of its own initiative or having been seized by a third party.
The user makes in particular a commitment to respect the common principles of use of the systems of discussions, and among others to ban any element raising ethical recommendations of the upper Council of the on-line data processing, worth knowing :
1. against the law and against the common decency
2. with offensive, slanderous, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, revisionist character or striking a blow at the honor or the reputation of others
3. inciting to the discrimination, to the hatred of a person or a group of people because of their origin, of their sexual orientation, of their membership or of their non-membership in an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a determined religion
4. threatening a person or a group of people
5. with character zoophile or pedophile
6. with urologic or scatological character, and of a way general any degrading contents or carrying human trespass to person or in its integrity
7. inciting to commit an offence, a crime or a terrorist act or making the apology of war crimes or crimes against humanity
8. inciting to the suicide
9. allowing thirds to get itself directly or indirectly pirated software, serial numbers of software, software allowing the acts of hacking and intrusion in the computer systems and telecommunication, viruses and other logic bombs and in a general way any software or other tool allowing to carry infringement of rights of others and in the safety of the people and the properties in violation of the character deprived of the correspondences
10. confidential by virtue of a legislative measure or of a legal act concerning the computing, concerning the files and concerning the liberties (in particular, internal, privileged, essential information of an insider trading or being of the professional secrecy)
11. Anoukis Multimedia reserves the right to keep recordings of the exchanges made on the site between users for later examination

Article 3 - Access to the services

Anoukis Multimedia guarantees the smooth running of its service except problems of material breakdown. By it, Anoukis Multimedia indicates the technical problems which would be independent from his will such as the loss of a hard disk, the crash of a server and any incident which would question the integrity of the data stored in its equipments.
Anoukis Multimedia can modify the characteristics of its services at any time without warning his users.
Anoukis Multimedia can end the service but will warn beforehand by a communication available on the site for all the users. No refund will however be proposed to the users given the virtual aspect of acquisitions on the service.
Anoukis Multimedia can also interrupt, temporarily or definitively, the access to all or part of the site, in particular for technical reason but will warn beforehand by a communication available on the site for all the users.
Anoukis Multimedia can bring no guarantee as for the data retention of the account of the user or any other data connected to the site because of the instability of the technical equipments which Anoukis Multimedia uses. Instability which Anoukis Multimedia cannot master.
The user makes a commitment not to try to use the services otherwise than in the way planned by Anoukis Multimedia. In particular the user makes a commitment not to try to cause of damage to the system or to introduce viruses or systems allowing to modify artificially information. Anoukis Multimedia reserves the right to resort to the legal way in case of infringement on the integrity of its system.
In case of problem of access to the site or to the account, Anoukis Multimedia cannot indemnify the users given the big diversity of the ways of access of the users to its service (different operating systems, different browsers, instability of the equipments of the users, etc.).

Article 4 - Closure of account

Anoukis Multimedia can decide to cancel the account of one or several user without advance notice nor documentary evidence. However the deletion of an account will be only the penalty in answer to an unfair use of the service : fraud, theft of account, fraudulent payment or non compliance with the regulation if he exists and of these general conditions.
The user can also ask for the closure of his account with a present procedure on the site. In case of deletion of an account, on the initiative of the user or Anoukis Multimedia, no financial compensation or other compensation will be given to the user by Anoukis Multimedia.

Article 5 - Modification

Anoukis Multimedia saves himself the possibility of modifying the present general terms of use to adapt it to the evolutions of the site and/or its exploitation. An information will then be shown on the site.
It returns to the user to consult the modifications. In case of disagreement further to a modification, the user can ask for the termination of his account according to the article 4.

Article 6 - Name specific information

In law enforcement N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties, you arrange rights of opposition (art. 26 of the law), of access (art. 34 - 38 of the law) and of rectification (art. 36 of the law) data concerning you.
As a consequence, every user has the right to require that is rectified, completed, clarified, updated or erased, the information concerning it which would be inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or out-of-date.
The request must be sent, in writing, with the address and coordinates of the applicant, at the address of the company Anoukis Multimedia indicated in the article 1.

Article 7 - Collection of the IP addresses

Anoukis Multimedia can keep and use the IP addresses of the users for later identification under request of a judicial authority, the police, or any authority was authorized by the law.

Article 8 - Property

The software, the games, the web pages, and present scripts on the site are full and whole property of Anoukis Multimedia.

Article 9 - Agreement of proof

Of express agreement between the user and Anoukis Multimedia, the systems and the computer files of Anoukis Multimedia will only be valid.
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